Adventure Club

May 1st, 6pm – Lookout trail, behind art knapps...this is a roughly 5 km in and out trail (we might make into a loop) gaining around 100 metres of gradual elevation as we make our way up to a view point and a picnic table. Meeting spot is behind art knapps off hwy 16 west. Bring layers, water, head lamp and bear spray. This hike takes just under an hour to get to picnic table so expect it to be a bit of a longer event.

May 21st, 6pm – Eena Lake Paddle – Join us for the first club paddle of the season! Starting our paddling season off at one of our favourtie spots, Eena Lake. Eena is located of Chief Lake rd, north of PG. Paddle starts at 6pm. Life jackest on vessel is madatory to attend.

To attend a club hike, snowshoe or paddle please email

All of our adventures are open to everyone, and we welcome all skill levels! Not sure were to start or if you have the right gear…send us an email and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.  Come try a club hike for free and after that its only $30 per year for a membership and that gives you access to club adventures ALL YEAR LONG! 

Pup protocol – Dogs are allowed to join club hikes however they must be approved by trip leader. Dogs MUST be on leash (unless discussed prior with trip leader) all dogs must be friendly with other dogs and people. If the dog shows agression or disruptive behaviour on hike, you will be asked to leave hike. We must follow these rules strictly as we want to keep humans and pups safe and happy and continue to be able to allow our furry friends on hikes. 

All meet up info and updates will be posted on The Prince George Adventure Clubs`s facebook & instagram

Please note these are seperate from Guided By Adventure,  those adventures are associated with indiviual costs and are run through the business with certified guides.