Why transition part of the Adventure Bus into a Hiking Club?

We just didn’t feel that charging $20-25 per person for easy in town hikes was aligned with what we were trying to create & offer in regards to our guiding company, we weren’t really guiding just facilitating and organizing. We also weren’t making enough profit to consider those hikes “business”. So moving forward The Adventure Bus Tour Co, will still  be offering truly guided hikes offered by an ACMG Hiking Guide. These hikes will be through challenging terrain with small groups at the normal hiking guide day rate. Our hiking club will offer shorter, more casual in town hikes, paddles & snowshoes.

An amazing, supportive and adventurous community was created through last years Tuesday evening hikes, paddles & snowshoes and it wasn’t something we were willing to give up on. We know that our crew comes out time and time again because of our culture, atmosphere and inclusive environment and we wanted to be able to keep creating these events & supporting our wicked Adventure Crew within Prince George, BC & surrounding areas.

So the Adventure Club was born, October 2021. This is a member club with a yearly member fee which solely covers the fee going to The Federation of Mountain Clubs of BC as well as insurance costs. Once a member is registered and dues are paid, they simply email to be put on attendance list for any Tuesday evening hike, snowshoe or paddle. The club will also facilitate some longer yet still low risk/easier weekend hikes. All of these events are led by volunteer guides. Membership is open to anyone

Whether you are joining a club hike or attending an Adventure Bus guided tour our values & your experience remains the same. Everything we do is based around Integrity, Safety, Passion & a lifelong need for adventure. Our Mission is to grow awareness around backcountry sustainability, protecting land/animals habitat and education/safety for the outdoor adventure seeker.

We can’t wait to Adventure with you!

Prince George, BC

Northern BC